View From Pier 15 Upper Level

CGB / SHoP Architects

On a recent Friday afternoon about 60 SHoPpers made a site visit to view construction progress on the East River Esplanade South. Everyone on hand got their first taste of the transformed waterfront area near Wall Street and were among the first to test the Esplanade’s recently installed benches, railing bar seating, granite lookouts and green space. The office also visited Pier 15, a new double-decker pier at the foot of Maiden Lane to see the steel work and curtain wall installation underway. Construction continues to move forward on these two pieces that help make up the two-mile stretch of future park space. The first portion of Esplanade is substantially complete and due to open this summer. Pier 15 is also moving forward quickly with all structural steel work complete and pavilion spaces enclosed. It’s scheduled to open this fall.

Pier 15 Lighting Mockup

View from Maiden Lane Pavilion Roof

Esplanade View from Pier 15 Upper Level


Esplanade at Night


Esplanade Bar Seating


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